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An “aerie” is the nest of an eagle. It sits high above the Earth on the face of a cliff or in the bare branches of a tall tree. It is a treacherous point of perspective, a place of birth, of awakening. It can be a fatal drop down or perhaps the start of a wonderful flight. This is Aerie, a collection of high school literature and art. It is memories of innocence. It presents problems and solutions; it illustrates love and hate. It is full of perceptions from a time when humans are on an awesome threshold of a drop or a flight. 

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Aerie: Innately Human

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We are thrilled to announce that Aerie: Spotlight has been named a Superior magazine in the 2023 NCTE Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines (REALM) contest!

The mission of NCTE’s REALM program is to publicly recognize excellent literary magazines produced by students with the support of their teachers. REALM is designed to encourage all schools to develop literary magazines that celebrate the art and craft of writing.

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