Staff 2023

Lydia Howard

Lydia is in 9th grade. She likes baking, dancing, and hiking with her friends and family. This is her first year on the Aerie staff, and she joined because both of her sisters were in it and loved it. After high school Lydia wants to go into a STEM career but still continue to dance.

Saba Halabi

Saba is a senior. He swims for Fairmont and plays cello in the Symphony Orchestra. This is his first year being on the staff and he joined Aerie because he felt like he would enjoy it. After high school, he plans to go to Bowling Green State University and study journalism.

Issy Byrd

Submissions Editor

Issy is in 12th grade, and this is her second year working on Aerie. She joined Aerie because Anna Bench told her about it, and explained that it was a really interesting class to be part of. Issy runs cross country, indoor track, outdoor track and also loves playing tennis and going on hikes. Go follow her cat on Instagram @luci_is_the_best 

Reagan Daley

Reagan is currently a senior here at Fairmont. She has played all four years here for the Fairmont Women’s Soccer team and plays club soccer for Ohio Galaxies. She is also a member of the National Honors Society, Class Council, and Spirit Squad. This is Reagan’s second year as part of the Aerie team and she wanted to join again this year to be part of an amazing group of people along with creating a welcoming environment for all Fairmont students to share their creative talents. After high school, she plans to attend Ohio University or Miami University as she wants to major in political science.

Lily Rueckhaus

Editor in Chief 

Lily is a senior, and it’s her second year on Aerie staff. She joined Aerie because of her love for poetry, art, and everything creative! In her free time, Lily is usually found painting, making jewelry, or reading. She plans to study fine arts in college next year!

Lillee Vest

Website Designer

This is Lillee, she is a senior, and this is her second year in Aerie. She originally joined Aerie because it sounded like a fun class and place to be creative. She returned this year because she loved the environment and the people. After high school she plans to attend Kent State University to study Criminology.

Emma Dietsch

Emma is a freshman this year and it is her first year on the Aerie staff. Her hobbies are running, swimming, reading, watching movies, and playing the cello. Emma joined Aerie because she thought it sounded like a good creative outlet for herself and others. After highschool Emma wants to attend the University of Dayton and study pyschology.

Georgia Sosebee

Georgia Sosebee is a freshman that is new to Fairmont. She spends her free time playing sports (mainly soccer and basketball), cooking, reading, listening to music, or hanging out with friends. This is her first year participating in Aerie. She joined because she was told by another member that it was really interesting and worth trying out. Georgia isn’t exactly sure what she plans on doing after high school, but she knows for certain she wants to pursue further education.

Natalie Rozier

Natalie is a senior, and enjoys painting, photography, and writing poetry. She uses she/her pronouns, and this is her first year on the staff. Natalie joined because she wanted to be able to collaborate with others and learn more about publishing. Her plans after high school are to attend college at Kent State University and earn a degree in Fine Arts and Art Education in order to pursue a career as an art teacher.

Rustic Bagwell

Rustic, whom most people call Rusty, is a sharp and quick-witted sophomore. He plans to go into culinary school after high school, and this is his first year on Aerie Staff. He was recommended the class by his freshman Pre-AP/IB ELA teacher, and thought it sounded right up his alley. He enjoys roller skating, writing, drawing, and singing. 

Ruben Baker

Ruben Baker (he/him) is new to the staff this year and is currently a freshman. He spends his time working on art projects, practicing different instruments, and hanging out with his friends. Ruben decided to apply to aerie this year to get exposure in the school’s art and literature world. While still somewhat unsure, he plans to either teach history or find a career path relating to the arts.

Anna Gustin

Anna Gustin (she/her) is a junior at Fairmont Highschool. She is currently on her second year as an Aerie staff. She joined Aerie for her love of the arts and to become more involved in the Fairmont community. Her hobbies include reading and listening to music. She plans to attend college after high school.

Toby McElwee

Toby is a senior and a first-year staff at Aerie. He enjoys painting, poetry, and all things art. Toby joined staff because he wanted to help the magazine he’d submitted to in previous years, and after graduating will be attending college and majoring in education.